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Special Class for Christmas

As Christmas is approaching, people start turning their attentions to the festive period. They start planning, thinking of new ideas to decorate their houses. While there are two Christmas trees situated on the school grounds, we thought of doing the same – decorating the trees.   

Let’s get creative and invoke the yuletide spirit by asking you to don your arts and crafts mitts and design a Christmas bauble with a “difference”. As this is an English class project, students’ will also be expected to utilise their written and speaking skills. 

The project is divided into a 3-stage process: 

Stage 1:     We ask the students to design their Christmas bauble(s)

Stage 2:     To write an accompanying yuletide message that resonates with them. This could be a personal, religious, or romantic one.  

Stage 3:      Students are invited to unveil their bauble, and say a few words about the overall process.   

Christmas is a time for peace, warmth, reflection and understanding. During this time, we hope students have enjoyed themselves, improved their English abilities and come to learn something new about the Christian festival.