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 The Japanese students were very friendly and welcoming. The Japanese teachers were all helpful in making us understand the lesson, despite the huge language barrier.

St. Michael’s High School is clean, big, and has classes that were well equipped! Spending time with new Japanese friends in St Michael’s was really fun! We get to learn their culture and teach them some of ours. They were really nice, polite and funny people. We also got to experience what it is like to learn in their class room! Other than that we also shared our experience and knowledge!This experience really helped me in sharpening my Japanese language. The students are also good in English which made communicating a bit easier. But sadly, we had to say farewell to them. BUT! I will wait for them till November. I really miss them now…

I really enjoyed going to St Michael!! The activities were so well scheduled! Every activity was so fun! For the opening, the performance from St Michael’s and our school were absolutely enjoyable. The welcome speech from their reprensentive student made me feel really welcomed. And then the quiz! The quiz made me grew more confident with the surrounding. After that, judo class.Judo class was superbly interesting. I learned new things such as the leg gripping technique to throw your opponent. It was so fun!! And when I eat at the school cafeteria/canteen, I grew closer with my buddies! I gain new experience by talking in Japanese language. Lastly, we studied English together with our buddies. I can experience how the Japanese students usually study.Overall: 10/10
Can’t wait until November🥺🥺

It was a short but sweet trip to St. Michael’s school. I really appreciate the hospitality of the students and the teachers. All of them were friendly and nice. I hope that we can do more programs together because there is so much more I can learn from them.